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"Karen has an outstanding company. We can't say enough about their integrity, expertise and professional attitude. Not only are their web designs fresh, they are created with SEO in mind in the beginning, not after-the-fact.

Truly a first rate company. I highly recommend JITweb!

~~ Mason Krainerid, CEO

You are performing miracles, in my opinion to be able to get us anywhere near the top of the search results. Keep up the excellent work.

Mel Stertz,
Chief Operating Officer
Energy Authority International, Inc.

Company Social Media

Welcome to JITweb.com's Portfolio Section.

Our portfolio encompasses many forms of Internet development and services.

Companies have come to us for:

  • SOW and Flowchart Development
  • Content Development
  • Online Marketing
  • Executive SEO Services/training
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Research Projects

If you need a LEADING Social Media Director and team, call Karen now.


References of current SM contracts available in person.

Leading National Influencer in construction/building.


What a delicious site! Talk of the Town Catering in Atlanta, GA won the 2007 Consumers Choice Award and you know you want this company catering YOUR next party!

The Herbarie - bulk botanicals

Aercomtec.com - GPS tracking Systems

Energy Authority International, LLC - (Currently in Re-Design)

EAI, international providers of Zigbee-based mesh networking wireless energy management solutions, has combined the energy management and in-room control solution that property managers have been asking for.

Barrett Realty - Real Estate office in Louisburg, N.C.

Reclaimed Teak Wood Furniture and Wood Art
from Clipper Trading, Inc.

Wood Art and Furniture

DG Place - An online depression glass store that has been selling depression glass since 1997
SCMEP - South Carolina Manufacturing Partnership; THE support system in South Carolina for all manufacturing companies to increase revenues and decrease costs.

ImpressInPrint.com - Impressions In Print Paper Company has one of the largest selections of custom card stocks, specialty writing paper, personalized cards, photo card selections, custom invitations and much more.

We are at the very beginning of ImpressInPrint.com's full scale marketing campaign and look forward to sharing their success with you.

A list of custom card suggestions can be found on ImpressInPrint.com that can be inspirational for your custom invitations.

Update - 24 months into marketing, traffic has tripled, sales have tripled, and ImpressInPrint.com has right at 1,000 top 1-30 key phrases. Because their product and product themes are wide-spread and diverse, their key phrases cover a miriad of events, holidays, special occasions and events based on themes. Key phrases are carefully evaluated for optimum value to the visitor as well as promotion of products IIP has to sell that truly satisfy their visitors search and expectations.

"Clipper Trading Company" - Web site development and catalog development for 2,700+ products for Clipper Trading. Clipper Trading Co. features exquisite items and furniture from China and Southeastern Asian furniture - Countries such as Tibet, Korea, Vietnam, Burma - Myanmar and the owners of the Savannah GA based store shop exclusively for the 12,000 showcase store themselves. It is a pleasure to work with materials that promote authentic Chinese antiques, antique Buddhas, Korean furniture, Tibetan furniture and collectibles, Burmese furniture and other interesting items.

Harriet & Henderson Yarns, Inc. - One of the top producers of cotton yarns in the world came to Cyberfieds.com for SEO services and held top 1-10 positions for over 5 years.

HHYarns.com did hold over 40 top 1-10 positions in their chosen key phrases.

Update - Harriet & Henderson Yarns, Inc. has been purchased by another company. Their long run in business (over 104 years in yarn manufacturing) and on the Internet is still stuff that legends are made of. Unfortunately, their domain has fallen into the hands of people that put up useless directories and make money by pay-per-click. Sad to see the domain used that way.

Sagacious Partners - A leading CIO outsourcing firm leading the search engines in "interim CIO's" and "CIO Outsourcing"

Relocation Guide Magazines - long-term SEO client; producer of the leading relocation magazines in the Research Triangle Park and Greensboro NC area

Crafttoys.com - The first online handmade toy shop on the Internet in 1996 leading the search engine positions for handmade toys.

Downi Creations - non-profit Down Syndrome support; producers of the first high-quality Down Syndrome doll. UPDATE: We have learned that the website has been taken out of commission due to non-business-related reasons.

Towers Chiropractic - Roanoke VA, Chiropractor specializing in headache, carpal tunnel, weight loss and scoliosis treatments

Church Furnishings, Inc. - church furnishing manufacturer in South Carolina
Strategic Partner, Inc. - Strategic Partner, Inc., located in Columbia, South Carolina - sales force training. (Unfortunately, we have learned that this business has closed and the website is no longer online).
"Vmag" - Update Nov. 2007 - We have learned that Vmag is going through a redesign and reconfiguration of their website. Update: 2009 - Due to the nature of advancements in technology, streaming video and mobile communications, the concept of Vmag, unfortunately, was dusted by the explosion of cheaper, faster streaming media that quickly swallowed their business model.

Optimization Performed For The Following Firms*:
(reports withheld by request for confidentiality purposes)

  • KoSa
  • Shakespeare Plastics
  • Comstellar
  • Nexen, Pruit, Jacob and Pollard
  • Franklin County Chamber of Commerce
  • Catawba County Chamber of Commerce
  • Lexington County SC
  • Onix, Inc.
  • Environmental Job Source
  • Justice Solutions International
  • Automated Payment Solutions, Inc.
  • Carolina Backflow, Inc.
  • Outdoor Supplies, Inc.
  • Signature Publishing
  • Carolina Inspection Services
  • PlantsAvailable.com - SE based plant wholesaler
  • Coastal Growth Partners
  • FamilyConnectionSC.org - family support services
  • Wood Barn, Inc. - composite wood manufacturers
  • Beam, Cooper and Gainey
  • SC Gift Shop
  • Carolina First
  • Destinations USA - travel
  • The Harris Home NC
  • SCPRT - South Carolina Parks, Recreation, Tourism
  • Bird Houses of America
  • Bojangles
  • Cruise At Sea
  • Defywire
  • Film Art Communications International
  • Global Youth Village
  • Metwood
  • PennLine - Major Pennsylvania ISP
  • Progressive Printing
  • Real Value Blinds
  • Stanley Doors - Division of Stanley Products
  • FreelanceWriters.us
  • Atlantic Coast Mortgage
  • Palmetto Skate Club
  • Web Health and Wealth, LLC
  • Legends of Racing - memorabilia
  • Meade Construction
  • VA Home Furnishings
  • Mediacy, Inc.
  • My Strategic Partners, Inc.
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